Everyone at “Casanova” is infected with love


In art there is no place for hypocrisy, life in it is like confession, is an area where even the silence screams.

Widely discussed producer in the theater Diana Dobreva graduate French literature, and subsequently – history of art at the Sorbonne, the theater college “Luben Grois”. She started as an actress in the Theater Workshop “Sfumato”. Played in the films “Monkeys in Winter”, “Warden of the Dead,” “Small Talks”, the Italian-French-German coproduction “The End of the Sea”, in which she partnered with Miki Manojlovic, a favorite actor of Emir Kusturica. Began to create her own performances as a producer: “Medea,” “Macbeth,” “Casanova.” Awards: “Golden Rose” for best actress in the movie for her roles in “Monkeys in Winter” and “Warden of the Dead” NFC award for leading lady role for her role in “Monkeys in Winter.” receives the “Askeer” of a rising star as a director of her show “Medea” and “Askeer” for the costumes in “Macbeth.”

What is your first association with the phrase “La Vita e Bella”?

Italian cinema. Great inspiration – Fellini, Tornatore, Pasolini, big hearts, big cinematography.

What do you consider good in your life?

Sometimes a toast with cheese. Another time – meeting with the extraordinary man, an exciting conversation with a friend, rehearsal, which takes your breath, unexpected drunkenness, a strange forest, as in a dream to tread barefoot in wet grass, sudden rainfall, while swimming in the sea, someone to forgive me something unforgivable, to kiss the child while sleeping … Such things …

What do you consider worse?

That I can no longer hug my mother …

Tell me about your new show “Casanova.” What did you feel at the premiere at “Tear and Laughter”?

Rehearsals of “Casanova” for me was a miracle. I do not know whether it will happen to me another show created and born with so much love. Our whole team was literally infested with love. Maybe because we looked for it, as he was looking for it – frantically through everything and everyone as a mission, as the only possible way to lead you back to the beginning, where and when you was not alone, when you was in heaven.

Do you accept the criticism of you by analysts as Luba Kulezich?

I am talking about love, you ask me for Luba Kulezich. Nice association. It is very scary when one intelligent person lose her heart and begin earn his a living with hatred.

“Macbeth” and “Medea” is more of your heart?

It is like you have two children and to love one more than others. Impossible. “Medea” was born without pain, with great inspiration. “Macbeth” tormented me greatly, I suffered my hole performance, but it is my most important work for the moment. I think so.

“Askeer” or “Icarus” are more valuable to you?

The only valuable are the people’s faces, which I see after the performance. That alone gives meaning to my work. This is my confession, this is my award, this is my pain.

Do you feel in covert competition with the other young talent in dramaturgy at the moment – Yavor Gurdev?

There is no greater inspiration than that, someone to show you something you did not have eyes for. Other artists are my greatest inspiration.

Theater or Movie career will prevail on you?

For me they are increasingly starting to become one, a space where life is concentrated, confession area in which there is no place for fear and hypocrisy in which even the silence screams, the only area of truth.

What gave you Paris while you study there?

Much loneliness, much beauty and constant desire to go back there. Something like hostage syndrome.

What to expect from the “unexpectedly” breaking into the theater Diana Dobreva?

This year-a lot of things. We shoot the Bulgarian film LOVE. NET, directed by Ilyan Dzhevelekov where my partner will be the vocal of Uriah Heep – John Walton. Then I start work on “Private Conversations” by Bergman in the theater. Forthcoming is a large Turkish-Bulgarian project on the Sumerian epic “Gilgamesh.” And something very important and nice, what are – the visit of “Casanova” to the theater festival in Avignon (France), where we will play 30 performances.