Nika – music, ballet and something else


She lives and works in Bulgaria until several years. Born into a musical family in Crim. Russian ballet dancer and singer Nika Lyubetskaya graduated music school – class piano, and studied theater and dance in Ukraine. She came in Bulgaria, 10 years ago. See what proved fateful for her when she came in Plovdiv for the first time.

Nika, tell us how you started your career?

32 years ago when I was 4 years, my father had written a text of the BEATLES song with Russian letters – it sounded like – yesterdeeeey, ol May trabals pm faruey Sim … And this was my first presentation. I sang that song with my dad’s band on certain kids party and that was the beginning.

How did you decide to come to Bulgaria?

I worked with a Russian ballet and we were coming here from time to time to work for a while – pleasant work for us on the boundary of – holliday. That was long ago, I only remember that I felt here just as at home from the very the first day. I was in Plovdiv.

What was the biggest challenge for you in Bulgaria?

I do not know what was the biggest , there were a lot. Every day in Bulgaria is a challenge for me. Actually, the answer is: you never know what will happen to you tomorrow.

Tell us what is your favorite book, movie, song?

Favorite songs? I live with the music … I do not know, they are too many. Book – The Master and Margarita, if it can be said to have a favorite book. In the movies a little more difficult, but still – Siberian Barber and many other old Russian movies. By the U.S. – Green mile is great, Slumdog Millionaire is very good! My feelings for Borat and Bruno are somehow mixed , but to be be honest, I laughed a lot, there are some very successful scenes. I would like to say something about the ballet also, I really like this art and now I am very glad that soon we will have the honor to see a world-class spectacle which will take place here in Bulgaria, low bow to Joker Media and the National opera and ballet, that will give as the chance to see this undying work “The Lady of the Camellias” in Bulgarian. That such a project is happening here for me means that things in the art will get better very soon and none of the artists must not lose hope and faith that here they will develop and realize their talent.

Nika, today many young girls want to become a folk singer, what do you advise them?

Not to do it! Read a good book, even the internet could find many interesting things to be somewhat curious …
– Today many talk about environmental problems, what do you think about this? – Of course, I am for the conservation of nature and do not overdo. But I do not believe the people will stop gaining lots of money from nature. I am for throwing the wastes on the regulated places. I share the positive thinking and especially that people should enjoy every day because no one knows whether it is not the last. They should enjoy what they have .