Paradise in the Balkan Mountains: Apriltsi


A few kilometers from Troyan, in the middle of the Central Balkans, Apriltsi is fascinated by the beauty of nature, the coolness of the mountains and the hospitality of the local people.

They welcome you everywhere with a smile. If you are lucky to stay in a guesthouse, you can have breakfast like you have never had in childhood. And in the market you can smell the aroma of garden fruits and vegetables, which are hard to find in the city.

The nature of Apriltsi

Clear streams, waterfalls, mountain meadows, eco trails, plenty of sunshine and relaxation in abundance. This is Apriltsi.

The town is small but beautiful. Typically Bulgarian and really traditional. Old Renaissance houses are at every corner. Courtyard fences are maintained and flowers smell.

Apriltsi is a real alternative to the overcrowded Black Sea coast, especially if you want to run away for the weekend. Hotels in the area offer relaxation by the pool, combined with the whiff of the mountain. Even in the hottest days, there is a rush of fresh mountain air.

Kademlian Waterfall

There is always something to look around for. The most impressive is the Kademliya spray waterfall. It is about 70 meters high. The lush water of the Kademlia River descends into several powerful jets, with which it playfully bathes the sheer rocks. The waterfall is at the foot of Triglav peak and near the Tazha hut. The road to it is black, dirt, rocky and usually climbs with some old jeep from the locals, but is not difficult to reach.

Declared a natural landmark in 1965, the Kademli Spray attracts visitors with its beauty. Every season is worth seeing. It is said that under Kademlia there is a lush karst spring and a small cave where ice is collected all year round.

Apriltsi is a place that astonishes with its beautiful nature – green meadows, spectacular views of the Maragidik peak in the Balkan Mountains, bumpy streams where you can find coolness.