Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski – the first Bulgarian high academic school



According to the announced ranking of the Center for World University Rankings for 2021-2022, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” is among the best universities, ranking 601-650 in the world and 340th in Europe. The methodology of The Center for World University Rankings consists of seven indicators, divided into four areas:

  • Quality of education, measured by the number of university graduates who have received high academic honors, relative to the size of the university / 25% /;
  • Employment of graduates, measured by the number of university graduates who have held senior management positions in the world’s largest companies, compared to the size of the university / 25% /;
  • Quality of teachers, measured by the number of teachers with high academic honors / 10% /;
  • Level of research;

Meeting the above indicators, Sofia University ranks among the most prestigious universities in the world for a number of reasons.

One of the advantages of Sofia University is the internationally recognized diploma.

Another positive feature is the extremely low tuition fee. Sofia University is also distinguished by its highly qualified teaching staff, the wide range of bachelor’s, master’s and doctor’s programs, the opportunity to study in English. In their practice, university professors apply both traditional and modern teaching methods, taking into account the needs of students and meeting the conditions of the modern labor market. Students have the right to participate in various practical exercises, projects and research activities, which gives them the opportunity to develop various professional and social skills. The university also offers various programs such as Erasmus +, helping students expand their worldview and learn about different cultures.

Nowadays Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” is an academic institution with an with extensive experience in the field of Phd’s which ensures freedom of choosing particular research goals to the students and the lecturers at the same time.

The university has numerous research supervisors in a wide range of fields, that students choose to defend.

Last but not least is the impetus for realization that the university offers and this is one of the criteria that place the institution an honorable place in QS World University Ranking today.

This explains the strong desire of international students from countries such as Pakistan, Macedonia, Turkey, Russia and many other countries, to come and study at the university.

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Moreover, Sofia University is an excellent choice due to its low cost of living. If you choose to study in Sofia, you will enjoy the delicious food at affordable prices and cheap accommodation for international students. Here you will find both deliciously prepared traditional Bulgarian cuisine and a variety of different cuisines such as Italian, Spanish, American, and Asian.

In addition to the variety of delicious food, the city will enchant you with its beautiful green areas and opportunities for recreation in nature, the rich palette of cultural and nightlife, the combination of antiquity and modernity.