Turkey in September


Turkey is the largest in our country, with a variety of customs and custom. Of course, this is also because we are confessing different religions. Every summer thousands of Bulgarian tourists visit Turkey. Many of them go on vacation or excursion there, while others do business. The Bulgarian tourist speaks more and more about the tourist services of our south-eastern neighbor. Every year, more and more people go to sea in Turkey in September. Then there is still warm and pleasant to relax. Let’s take a look at some of Turkey’s main attractions and see what it can do for us except warm weather and the salt sea.

Ankara and Izmir

The capital of Turkey is Ankara, the city has over 3 million inhabitants and is an important commercial and industrial center. Its main attractions are:

Symbol of the city, Hati Monument, Ankara. The photos can be seen on one of the boulevards in Ankara and the museums of the city.

The Ataturk’s mausoleum is another landmark visit by all tourists in Ankara. It is an example of contemporary Turkish architecture. It was built in the 1950s and became one of the symbols of Ankara. The mausoleum is built on one of the hills in the city, and it offers a beautiful view of the whole of Ankara.

“Kodjatepe Mosque” – the largest mosque in the capital of Turkey, which can also be visited by tourists.

Ankara Parks – Surprisingly for us in Ankara there is a lot of greenery, despite the high summer temperatures and dry air, the Turks manage to keep much of the city green and have many beautiful parks.

Another major city through which many tourists travel by bus through Turkey is Izmir. His ancient name is Smyrna. One of the main landmarks of Izmir is its clock tower.

Like Ankara and Izmir, in spite of the summer heat it may surprise us with its greenery. This can be seen in the next city view.

Ephesus and Cappadocia

The ancient city of Ephesus is a must-stop for every tourist. There is really something to see here in ancient times, and guides can also tell you a lot of fascinating stories.

Cappadocia, one of the most beautiful places in Turkey with its unique rock formations. In Persian, Cappadocia means a land of beautiful horses. Cappadocia was an important place in the past and for Christianity, evidence of it was found there by many churches.

Kusadasi, Marmaris, Antalya, Pamukkale

Kusadasi is one of the favorite resorts of Bulgarian tourists in Turkey. Kusadasi is close to Izmir and is a great destination for any tourist, with everything you can need during your vacation. Almost every hotel has a swimming pool and one can stay only in it, for those who want to experience the salty Turkish sea can also do it on the endless Turkish beaches with fine sand. Of course, the holiday in Turkey can very well be combined with visits to tourist attractions. We also recommend visiting an aqua park – your entertainment there throughout the day is guaranteed. You also have the opportunity to ride a boat and lunch on it, plus mooring a pristine beach and diving.

Marmaris is another destination that attracts many Bulgarians. There you can have fun in 3 aquaparks or visit the nearby island of Rhodes. You can also try different types of sea sports.

Antalya is a rich seaside town that also boasts a great deal of tourism. There is an international airport near it and this makes it a desirable destination for many people. Interestingly, the city can see hotels in a variety of European styles.

Pamukkale an extremely beautiful natural phenomenon. Who is definitely worth seeing. Pamukkale is formed by many limestone mineral springs, which come out of the rocks and flow over them. Over time, the limestone from the water has begun to be deposited on the rocks, and they have begun to blossom until it has reached this day, a large area of ​​snowy white rocks and very few ponds and everywhere running water. Pamukkale is very beautiful and the walk in it is an unforgettable experience. Because it is snowy white and the limestone dips easily, walks there are only barefoot.


Istanbul, the city of two continents with a population of more than 12 million, can be called the pearl of Turkey. It has many different cultures, and its history extends to 330 years when it was elected the capital of the Roman Empire. Let’s take a look at some of its sights:

The Hagia Sophia – one of the oldest churches in the world that has been preserved well since the 1940s – has been declared a museum and visited by almost every tourist in Istanbul.

The Blue Mosque – the largest religious temple in Istanbul, built in 1600 and larger in size from the church world of Sofia.

Topkapi Saray is a Turkish palace with many interesting collections and remarkable architecture.

The iron church – unique in this church is that it is made of iron. The church has elements that weigh 500 tons. In order to build it, they were built in Vienna and brought by ships along the Danube and the Black Sea to Istanbul. Also known as the Bulgarian Iron Church, is a Bulgarian Orthodox church in Balat, Istanbul, Turkey. It is famous for being made of prefabricated cast iron elements in the neo-Gothic style. The church belongs to the Bulgarian minority in the city. After the original wooden structure suffered from a fire, the larger current building was constructed at its place. An iron frame was preferred to concrete reinforcement because of the weak ground conditions. The construction plans were prepared by the Istanbul-based Ottoman Armenian architect Hovsep Aznavur.

Grand Bazaar or Istanbul’s Big Market, contains over 4,000 shops, cafes and restaurants and is the largest indoor market in Europe.

And so we made a virtual tour of the sights of Turkey. What’s left to you now is to think about a holiday or excursion in Turkey, during which you can combine a holiday on the sea with a sightseeing walk. And do not forget that the sea in September in Turkey is much more profitable and less warm;)

Source: Tripi.bg