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A walk in the underground galleries of the Golubovitsa cave

· Wherever you are in the Rhodope Mountains, they chase the legend of Orpheus and Eurydice as a shadow. ·

Looking at the green peaks and the colorful meadows, as if listening to the harp that forever loves love. According to tradition, the great singer entered a cave in Hades’s underground estates to seek his beloved. He dazzled the boatman to take him across the River Styx to the kingdom of the shadows. But when…

Vratsa – a town like Balkan, ancient and young

Vratsa has a population of about 45 thousand inhabitants, it is located in northwestern Bulgaria, at the foot of Vratsa Mountain and the small river Leva, which forms the area Vrattsata (Vratata), where the name of Vratsa comes from. There were two huge wooden doors with metal hardware that guarded the passage and led to…

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