Basilica of Elena


The pictures are from an interesting site from IV century. These are the ruins of Elena Basilica. The remains of it fall out over the area and impress with magnificent radiation to this day. It was surrounded by a fortress wall that watches from what liter to today.

Early Christian Basilica of Elena is situated on the delta of Elena river, on the southern slopes of the Zlatitsa-Teteven part of the Central Balkan Mountains, about 3 km from the village of Anton and about 5 km. Pirdop (direction Bourgas).

The Holy Monastery of St. Prophet Elijah was built at the end of the 6th century and was opened during the Ottoman rule. In 1913 the first archaeological excavations were held. Preserved with impressive ruins up to 8.50 m high

The monastery’s yard is surrounded by fossilized stone walls (1,60 m thick), with almost right rectangular defense towers (7,30×5,90 m). The church, a large three-nave basilica (30,50×17,00 m), is a triapic, a deaconon, a prosthesis, and a baptistery (baptismal) attached to its southern side. In comparison, a show in the Elena Monastery has spent its last days, Partriarch Euthymius. Today, the Elena Basilica is declared a cultural monument.

April 13, 2009