” Clowns Without Borders” – ambassadors of laughter and smiles ” Clowns Without Borders


“The secret source of humor is not joy but sorrow.”

Surely the thought of Mark Twain will lead us into reflections on the smile without a mask. And if there is “minor” characters such as Huckleberry Finn, who is somewhat alienated from civilization, the reason lies in the civilization itself. For these children it is the tension, fear and pain. It is the scene on which are played out in wars, natural disasters and human misery. The door of this theater hall, above which says “exit” is called the hope for better future. It was here that appear “Clowns Without Borders.

“Doctors treat the body and we the soul”

say Eudaldo Marcelo Gonzalez and Ruben Casas Moyyano of “Clowns Without Borders.” On entering the pediatric ward in the “N.I. Pirogov, they provoke the smiles on the faces , even on those of the ever grouchy nurses. Only 5 minutes on the floor euphoria reigns true. Small smiling child faces show now here and there, waiting while Marcelo and Ruben would come to embrace them with his big red hands, give them a present monkey made of yellow balloon or so selfish to steal their crackers. Passing from floor to floor, the clowns cause a wave of children’s smiles, but this wave did not stop in the “Pirogov”. Invited by the Embassy of Spain
in Bulgaria, they visited another 8 homes for children deprived of parental care in Sofia and the Pediatric Clinic at the University Hospital “Alexandrovska.

Organization “Clowns Without Borders was founded in 1993. thanks the Spanish clown Tortal Poltrona. The idea arises from the relationship of two children, one from Spain, and the other from Bosnia. Bosnian girl makes birthday and met with the Spanish child. The Spanish child decided to give as a gift to the Bosnian girl a clown, he sent by mail. But Bosnia fall into a war, so that the fool remains in Spain. At this point, the clown Tortal Poltrona receives phone call from the child, who asks him about the price of his visit to Bosnia, to congratulate the girl with her birthday. The money for the trip were collected. Clown takes a flight to Bosnia and worked for a girl who lived in a refugee center, while the war continued. Then the clown becomes aware about the effect on refugees at the time. He discovers that he has become something of a “doctor of the soul.” Thus appears the organization “Clowns Without Borders which is traveling to different countries around the world to donate a smile and joy to children in socially disadvantaged. They visit only those coun
tries that can not take care of its population. Where people are forced to live in refugee camps or in areas with natural disasters.

According to Marcelo and Ruben the recipe for laugh is sincerenes and quietness, to do the things your own way. It is important to be able to play. We are not in a closed country, but in an open world filled with social games, absurd, ridiculous or even those they make you ashamed. We are still adults and should know what to do. But our children imitate us every day. Yet we abandon games. Children do the same. If we look at both rich and poor countries, we find children who have already become adults. This is a huge problem, because they loses its ability to play and miss their inheritance “

“We do what we should do and try not to think about the terrible situation that is in front our eyes” – answer Marcelo on the question of how to deal with one of the worst problems in his work – watching the misfortune of innocent children . But if you think a man can not be touched by the sadness of a child. And even then, clowns attacking guise of levity and sweep all the misfortunes along the way by turning them into a celebration of laughter.

April 10, 2009