Solishta is the perfect location if you want to relax in the fresh air and enjoy the charm of the Rhodopes. The village is one of the most beautiful at the foot of Perelik peak. In addition to the beautiful views and fresh air, you can also taste the great local cuisine.

Solishta is located 4 km from the village of Shiroka Luka and 16 km from the resort of Pamporovo. If you are looking for accommodation outside the village, we recommend this Pamporovo modern studio .

Exarch taught us

From 1896 to 1900, Exarch Stefan I was a young teacher at a local school. Years later in 1945 he was elected Bulgarian Exarch.

Sights in Solishta

Like anywhere in the Rhodopes and in the village of Solishta, you can enjoy the beautiful centuries-old coniferous forests, green meadows and a sense of freedom.

Near the village there is a fan-shaped forest reserve “Chernocheto” . It is one of the massifs in the Middle Rhodopes, overgrown with centuries-old black pine trees. Some of the trees in the reserve are more than 300 years old and cannot be covered by two hands.

Orpheus Gardens

Everywhere in the Rhodopes we encounter the legend of Orpheus. Salt pits are no exception. At the top of the village is the newly opened Botanical Garden Orpheus Garden , where you can see over 150 species of interesting plants from the Rhodope Mountains.

The Botanical Garden was built by volunteers at the beginning of the century. Its purpose is to show and preserve the rare plants of the Rhodope Mountains. The project was implemented by Rhodope Environmental Organization.

Holy Sunday Church

An important part of the village’s history is the construction of the Holy Sunday Church. The construction was led by the unsophisticated master Filyu Korbadzhiev. It is known that the master has calculated in advance exactly how many stones are required for the construction to be fifteen feet above the ground. The residents of Solishta village stood out with their extreme enthusiasm to build their church with a common effort.