The Genchev ostrichs dance every morning

· The Bai Marin and Ostrous Guest House offers a meeting with exotic birds in the middle of the Balkan Balkan. ·


If you are a supporter of ecotourism, you should not miss this attraction!

The dance of the two ostrich Slavka and Brizko in the village of Genchovtsi near Tryavna is something unforgettable for the tourists. Huge birds are carried in the wake of a bird waltz every morning at dawn. In July is their love period, during which their movements are much different than usual. They spread their wings and shuffle away as smoothly as if they were preparing to fly at any moment.

Ecotourism House

Ecotourism House guests make dozens of photos of exotic birds, which are the attraction in Marin’s and Nadejda Kolevi’s Ecotourism House. Nearly everyone leaves with aramain – ostrich feathers or a shell of an ostrich egg shell.

There is a belief that the ostrich shell brings happiness and luck, but there is no need to give it a piece of it. There are tourists who are calling to thank the kind hosts because something nice happened to them. One of them is a young woman from Rousse who was unemployed for a long time. After Hope gave her an egg shell, her life turned over. You found a good job in a foreign company as an English translator.

Ostrich’s obsession can be superstition, but in most cases it’s just a faith in the good that everyone needs, Hope says. She thinks it’s a mistake to boil the egg because it can become a real piece of art. The ostrich egg weighs between 1.5 and 2 kg. and has the size of a soccer ball. With a pin, a small hole is drilled and the content is drained, which is useful because it is free of cholesterol. The goldsmiths make inlays on the shell with gold and precious stones. “I watched on television that a famous jeweler gave Lily Ivanova a so graceful gift for her 70th anniversary,” says Nadezhda. The shell can be divided into two pieces and turned into written bowls. Some of the dishes are made with silver or golden finish to turn them into beautiful, glittering dishes. Fabulous masters turn ostrich shells into exquisite jewelry boxes. Unfortunately, the female lays about 5 eggs a year.

 “My dream is to make my two grandchildren such incrusted boxes,” she said.

The shell can be broken into pieces on which the icons display icons as souvenirs. The skin of large birds is treated for gloves, bags and shoes.

The ostrich

The ostrich beak makes amulets for success and love. In South Africa, bits of it are one of the ingredients of voodoo magic for love and strength. This was also reported by a famous football player during the World Cup this year, who did not go out on the pitch without the magical amulet. Various applications of ostrich feathers are varied. From them are made incredibly fine fabrics for women’s clothing, quilts and mattresses are filled …

The ostrich are long-lived and live up to 80 years old. After the 20th year they are adult animals and the female lays eggs until the age of 65. The climate is well tolerated in Bulgaria, but few people are hiring them because it is expensive. For the Genchovtsi family the concern for Slavka and Brizko is just a hobby. The idea of ​​raising them is of Hope, whose dream of young people was to become a doctor. But her life so turned around she graduated from economics and worked for 35 years as an accountant. 10 years ago they decided to buy 5 ostriches from a farm in the village of Polkraishte in Turnovo. They were day-old chicks and survived only the two, although the farmers made enormous efforts and respected the technology. In their first month they grew them in a closed room where they held 40 degrees of temperature. Then they gradually started to take them out to adapt them to the climate of the Tryavna village. Nowadays, adult animals also require a lot of care. The farmers are in the mornings at 7 o’clock and until 23 o’clock they are engaged with the young birds and the rest of the zoo – 50 pigeons, 7 peacocks, ten guinea pigs.

The ostrich feeds with special blends that are bought from Lovech. Mixes contain 30 ingredients and are rich in various ingredients – minerals, vitamins, wheat, corn, soybean meal, but are relatively expensive. T.G. their price jumped by about 10-15% and already cost 1.2 leva / kg. Slavka and Brizko consume a total of 12 kg / day of the mixtures. Separately eat and nettles, alfalfa and others.

A problem is that there are no veterinary specialists who can understand the ostrich breeding. That’s why Hope regularly surfs the internet where she reads how to protect animals from diseases. Every autumn and spring gives them immunostimulators, antibiotics and vitamins that cost 50 leva in total.

Bai Marin and Ostrich

So far, Slavka and Brizko have not suffered, but still change their condition depending on the season. Birds are accustomed to living enclosed in the yard, but at times they spread their wings as if they wanted to fly and be free. These are strong and dangerous feathers and hosts warn tourists to keep. The ostriches of the ostriches are murderous, and with their sharp nails they can splinter.

Because of the exotic animals, guests at the house called “Bai Marin and Ostrich” are filled all year round. The host has prepared another attraction – he has made an ethnographic collection in one of the annexes. Here is a set of dikans, a rally, old tables and chairs, palmarkers. Rising was a domestic setting of 100 years ago, with an emphasis in the room being an old-fashioned loom. Bedrooms are also furnished in an authentic style, using colorful antique costumes to decorate.

Therefore, tourists leave here with many pictures, ostrich or peacock feathers, and especially with exciting memories.