Love in the Time of Crisis


The secret parties should have been funny. At least the air saturated with tobacco fume… and love. You can see Luis Armstrong and hid Cotton Club orchestra, or Jelly Roll Morton and his Red Hot Peppers. The Jazz and the feeling will nail you to the table while the maltz alcohol moistens your lips at every next sip.

A moving party on the occasion of the first issue of Conte international club magazine and Prime Time 06 brought its guests back to that romantic atmosphere, literally forced them out of the numbness of the present crisis and recalled them that it is temporary, while love is ethernal!

The exquisite “Tiffany” club transformed into a scene of the dry regime from the 20-ths of the former century. Too many are the associations with this epoch! This is the time when the notion of ambivalence appeared – a state when the ratio aiming one thing and  the subconscious is aiming other. This other is love. The butterfly fluttering in the stomach, which can trigger a real zunami in the status quo. Young mysterious gentlemen dressed in elegant suits from the epoch of the Great Depression were meeting the guests, a black young man with pearl smile presented flowers to the ladies, while a group of “paupers” warmed hands over a fire kindled in a barrel in front of the entrance, thus making an allusion for the crisis during the dry regime.

The “Magiclland” elves and the elite underwear trade-mark “Tony Lans” have brought to the style of the epoch the talented acters from the theater college “Lyuben Grois”, which walked elegantly among the guests. The roles of Frank Cynatra and Thracy Chapman were assigned to the Vlado Dimov and the rizing star Nadya Nedyalkova, while the legendary musical “The Cats” was brought to life on the scene by the performance of the dancers of “Estrea” balley. Their performances, the dresses of the guests, the aged “Chivas Regal” as well as the club atmosphere contributed to feeling for the times when the mafia got rise in America. Missing where only the retro cars from that time. Instead outdoors there were contemporary polished limousines.

Among the invited were Kristina Dimitrova, Bilyana Petrinska, Dim Dukov, Kristian Koev, Orlin Pavloc, the businessman Ivailo Vulkov
and many diplomats, contractors, representatives if the cultural elite and the media. At the end of the evening the actress Bilyana Petrinska could not stand it and climbed on the stage to perform the emblematic piece “All that jazz”.

History is always repeated. In the periods of decline of any grate civilization the heroes are always present – elegant and whimsical representatives of the high spheres. If so, we will not fear our own decline. It will not miss the decadence and love. The sweatiest escape.

July 27, 2009