Life story


Prime Time 06  organized thematically party announcing the launch of its second issue of Conte international club magazine . Event was titled “life as a tale.” Presenter of the show program was the actor Peter Kzheminski and the singer Vlado Dimov sought to maintain the mood of the guests.

And to be just like a fairy tale took care the dancers of the School of Dance Pa`lante and actors from the theater college Luben Groys. Characters from different stories are greeting each other in the hall and immersed in their fabulous night.

We are all reared by tales, which we listened in our childhood. And regardless to wither we are conscious or not about that, these tales have played and extremely important role in the formation of our values and convictions. That is why the spring issue of Conte International Club Magazine is under the motto “The tale of the life”.

May be we do not realize it, but every one of us is also a writer — of his own life story. In On the pages of the edition you can follow the
fabulous stories of such historic persons as compt Saint Germin, Madamme Pompadour, Madamme Clickaut, Alisia Alonso, Ernest
Hemingway, Penelope Kruz and other tales and histories, which has been handled over generations and finally formed our society.

Because they ensure that every following generation will grow up with comprehension for the predecessors and will not decide to cancel
the whole progress to start up from the very beginning. Because any tale is a great metaphor. A grate message, which our rational mind can not make sense of, but our internal ego understands it perfectly. If you recall how sometimes we are put in a position to explain something to someone being incapable for mutual understanding. And how we owed to give an analogous example from a completely different field (which we know he is interested in). And magically the person is completely aware of what we a talking to him.

So tales are universal language. And any of them is an issue of definite values. Just in the same way our tale is the tale of our values. All we choose to do or not to do is our personal message to the world. And it contributes also to the messages towards the world from the
people surrounding us. It is worth enough for us to present “the help from an unexpected source” in their tale. It is as funny and filling with love, as playing the central role.

However, if our ego decides to come into notice — soon and unnoticeably we will become the negative hero. We can be the protagonists in our own tale only and nowhere else. The better we know when and what role to play the happier we would be. The reason that makes tales to influence us so effectively is that we unnoticeably are self identifying with the main hero. Thus we begin to co-experience his adventures. We all have more or less the aim to become stronger, wiser and more loving. That is why it is so easy step into the world of the tale. What could look like the world if our life was indeed a tale? If we needed to make a sharp turn towards the direction, suggested by our intuition, so as to find an unexpected help?

If we want to live in a tale it is worth to to begin to behave as if we indeed are doing it. And the world will follow us. And as any beginning starts with the first step. The first step to do is to follow the next intuitive advice. And to follow it to the letter. It is not an
advice of the kind “forget all of your life to the moment and start from the beginning”. It is rather an advice of the kind “You have now the opportunity to spend the next day in a different way and it is not sure that you will like it. Do it nevertheless”.

Making so we confirm that we begin indeed to write our tale in a different way. From a tale of “consistent” thinking and repeated daily round, it turns into a tale of unlimited opportunities and magic. Sometimes one nail indeed drives out another. And choosing to grow addicted to that we will drive out lots of nails which anyhow are useless. The addiction is O.K. if we only choose what kind it should be. In that case it gives us strength instead of weakening us. Because this is our own choice and we are indeed the authors of our tale. And so our life is a big tale, which is a sequence of smaller ones. And it is a good practice to have a stop for a moment sometimes and think about the following questions:

— „What is the theme of the situation in which I am? “ (Every tale has its theme)

— „How should I continue the tale so as to complete it and leave it behind?” or “How should I write it so that it ends as I would want?”

— And in the long run — “What can I learn from this tale?”

This are question that give us wisdom. And if we want our tale to be one of the best, from the classics of the genre, to be wise is a good idea.

Imagine what could have been during the dry regime. Mad and romantic in its own way. Small untended restaurants in houses with brown bricks you whisper the name of a mutual friend through the half opened door and the world of whisky is opened for you. Or you  will drink beer, may be. There was much of it.


September 27, 2009