Venice Ball


Venice – the city of Vivaldi, the gondolas, the Grand Canal and the Cathedral of San Marco. A city that takes us back in time every year to immerse ourselves in one of the most enchanting holidays on the Old Continent. The city of colorful masks, whimsical hats with feathers and bells, jewelry and crinolines – a real fairy tale entitled The Carnival of Venice.

Do you know the similarity between Venice and Sofia? Some of you will mistakenly fall into prosaic reflections around the flooded streets where cars turn into gondolas. However, others will think of the “Bridge of Sighs”. Of course, not the bridge behind the National Palace of Culture, but the one that connects the Doge’s Palace with the prison. But this architectural unique could hardly be compared to the grandeur of imagination and art that Sofia experienced in just one night. The night of the nobles, jesters and characters from the Comedy del’Arte. The night of the Venetian fairy tale told by Prime Time 06 and OH LA LA JOIE DE VIVRE.

The exquisite holiday, on which Bulgaria learned more about the luxury magazine, took the guests into the atmosphere of medieval Venice. Ladies and gentlemen in colorful costumes and dresses, hidden behind colorful masks or mysterious dominoes, walked gracefully among the exhibits of the Archaeological Museum. They were accompanied by the Spanish Marquis Juan Luis Balmaceda de Aumada, who arrived in Sofia especially for the event. Among the other nobles from the world of business, culture and art we will highlight the actor Ben Cross, opera singer Darina Takova, Vasil Naidenov, Tsvetelina Uzunova, Rumen Ralchev, Dim Dukov, Maria Stefanova – President of CEM, Mrs. Bulgaria World 2009 Lazarina Stefanova. And more diplomats, entrepreneurs, representatives of the cultural elite and the media, who became the heroes of this lavish show.

The tale of Venetian costumes and masks was told fascinatingly by Party House and Fashion TV together with the magic director’s wand of Askeer winner Diana Dobreva. “Who is behind this mask?” Renaissance classical music, can the mystery remain unsolved?

Carnival masks are the most accessible way to stay hidden, but not unnoticed, to be both anonymous and famous, to say the unspoken. Let’s remember the story for a moment – all participants in the carnival disguise themselves regardless of their social stratum. In the past, Venetians wore long black capes and covered their faces with white masks, from which only their eyes could be seen. Gradually, the carnival costumes became more lavish and beautiful. Subsequently, more and more attractive costumes and masks were made. Officially from 1271. there are data on the production of masks, and on April 10, 1436. their masters were recognized as a separate trade guild within the city.

And so to this day, when these masks fall even on the big screen. Guests at OH LA LA JOIE DE VIVRE also noticed masks made in Ca Macana, the oldest studio in the City of Gondolas, from which Stanley Kubrick commissioned masks for Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise for his cult film Eyes Wide Shut. Clay and plaster masks are extremely affordable, and those made of papier-mâché or leather are most often chosen by people with serious abilities. Casanova himself wore a leather mask when he went on a date with a married lady.

Who was behind the black suit with the Spanish collar and the mask with the beak and goggles? Who was wrapped in a long robe in orange and black, with a crown, a scepter and a gold mask? Who wears the royal blue suit with gold ornaments and a beige mask? Will Romeo and Juliet, the Countess and the Black Queen, Melchior and Balthazar, the Two Jesters and the Plague Doctor be revealed? The hour of truth has struck. Until the last minute, the singers Maria Ilieva, Orlin Goranov, Kristina Dimitrova, Vasil Petrov, Vlado Dimov and Kamelia Voche, the actors Andrey Batashov, Joana Bukovska and Biliana Petrinska remained behind the masks. After the show, some of the masks were auctioned off for charity and … everyone felt the joy of life!

The “secret behind the masks” was revealed – no, this is not the end of the story of OH LA LA JOIE DE VIVRE. The story is just beginning!

July 27, 2009