Dobrinishte – Pirin, bath and… mekitzi!


Only 6 km from Bansko, Dobrinishte is suffocating at the foot of Pirin. Many know the resort town as a ski destination, but during the warm months of the year Dobrinishte offers a serious range of entertainment.

Anyone could find their place in the town of Pirin. Families with children have the opportunity to take advantage of the tranquility that the mulch, completely undisturbed and borderless, can disturb as much as they want. Glade, rivers, animals – freedom! There is no entertainment for the little ones either.

The nature of Dobrinishte

Mountain lovers and its mysterious but regal nature can get acquainted with the beauty of Pirin. Many mountain trails start from Dobrinishte, leading to Popovo Lake, Kremen Lakes and Samodivski Peak. Not far from the town there are Gotse Delchev hut, Bezbog hut and Bezbog peak itself.

Dobrinishte hides Ivan Parin’s one of a kind edelweiss garden in Bulgaria . This is the place in our country where you can buy Pirin Edelweiss: live or herbarium.

There is not only skiing in Pirin not only in Bansko

There is a ski slope in Dobrinishte with the starting point Gotse Delchev hut and the end station Bezbog hut. Two two-seater lifts connect the two huts with a transfer from one station to another. Both chalets have a beginner-type drawbar. The track is 25-30 meters wide with two difficulty levels. From the intermediate stop begins the black (difficult) part – the so-called wall, but there is a circumnavigation for beginner skiers. In the spring season when there is less snow it can be driven from the intermediate station to Bezbog. At the bottom, the track is suitable for children and inexperienced skiers.
h3> St. St. Peter and Paul “

St. St. Peter and Paul “ from the 19th century is also one of the main attractions of the town of Pirin. It has been declared a cultural monument of particular architectural value.

Later, the bell tower of the monastery “St. Pantaleimon ‘is another holy cloister worthy of attention.

St. Nicholas Waterfall

A natural wonder to enjoy is the St. Nicholas Waterfall . The song of the snapping drops of water, the rainbow of light breaking over the jet, and the greenery sunshine all look fabulous.

Roman Mineral Baths in Pirin

In conjunction with Pirin are the Roman Mineral Baths along the Dobrinishka River . At the very end of the town is the old Roman mineral water pool that heals over 20 ailments. There is also a beach next to the bathroom, where fans of the “sunburst” sport can relax freezing. Apart from the common city pools, almost every hotel in the city has its own, which is supplied with the same healing water.


In Dobrinishte there is also a place for young people who can safely go crazy 6-7 km down the road and return to the town to get some sleep and take advantage of the amenities provided. And in this town you can quench any kind of hunger . And with extremely large flavors. So we can safely say “Welcome” to connoisseurs of good cuisine.

Without kidding, at the Macedonian Tavern in the center of Dobrinishte you can taste some of the most delicious and huge mecca you have ever seen and eaten. And you can eat them with whatever you want, as long as it is homemade – cheese, sweet, honey and even lytenitza!