Dolna Kula village


Dolna Kula is a village located in southern Bulgaria near Krumovgrad. The village is located in an area with mountainous relief at an altitude of about 260 m. It falls in the transitional continental climate zone. The winter is relatively mild and the summer is long and hot. The Krumovitsa River passes near the village.

Tourist attractions in the area of ​​Dolna Kula village

Near Dolna Kula, in the middle course of the Krumovitsa River, in the section between the village of Gorna Kula and the mouth of the Dushan Dere River, there is an ornithologically important place “Krumovitsa”. that the valley has been inhabited since ancient times and there are such complexes near the village of Dolna kula.
The Broom Tavern in the village of Dolna Kula is very picturesque and is surrounded on both sides by deep valleys. By slamming it against the current of one of the two gullies you will reach a waterfall. The waterfall is extremely beautiful, but without a name, even locals call it simply “waterfall”.

At the entrance of the village of Gorna Kula is located the Caramphil Dam, which is suitable for commercial fishing.

In the territory of the neighboring village of Vransko (9 km southeast), in the Keremid Chelli locality, one can visit a prehistoric settlement referring to the Karanovo II culture / Middle Neolithic – 5 thousand BC /, and in the village of Chaika / 5 km northwest / rock niches related to ritual activity have been discovered.

Of interest is the medieval one-nave church in the central part of the city, located in Krumovgrad, made of cut and broken stones, soldered with white mortar.

The Sajtlar Jamies Mosque, again in Krumovgrad, is a site of significant importance for the city’s cultural heritage. Built on the foundations of an old talpena mosque from the XVI – XVIII centuries, it is the main reason for the emergence of the city and surrounding villages. In connection with Friday congregations of believers, commercial relations have arisen around the church, commercial warehouses have emerged, and later housing has also emerged.