In the “kingdom” of the crystals in Madan


Crystals are known to concentrate with energy and dance with light. We no longer tolerate the fact that they have healing properties. So falling into a place where hundreds of crystal glasses shine in glass displays is an unforgettable experience.

This “kingdom” of glittering stones is found in the Crystal Museum in Madan. It is a testimony to the treasures hidden in the Rhodope Mountains and was created in 2000. Here are presented 581 mineral samples. They are the way they are removed from the mines exploited by the Gorubso-Madan, pointed out the curator Atanas Sirakov.

Madan is an old Rudar settlement. The production of lead ore in these places begins from 4-5 century BC. from the Thracian tribe Koilaletes. In the old mining galleries are found various medieval masonry accessories. In the 50s of the m. the Bulgarian-Soviet company Gorubso for the exploitation of lead-zinc ores in the Rhodopes was established.

Madan crystals

Therefore, most of the crystals represented are based on lead-zinc ores. Many of the samples are pyrite, sphalerite, chalcopyrite, arsenopyrite. Galena has a lead-like color and contains many impurities – silver, copper, zinc, selenium, bismuth, iron, arsenic, magnesium and others. Crystallized in the cubic system. They meet as sparkling aggregates or as irregular spirits. Chalcopyrite often contains insignificant quantities of impurities of gold, silver and others. It occurs in condensed crystalline aggregates and has a golden-yellow color. It is one of the main sources of honey.

One of the most interesting exhibits, which necessarily attract the attention of the visitors are the beautiful specimens of pirate. The reason is that with its yellow hue it looks very much like gold. Exceptionally beautiful is manganese calcide, which is tender pink. Rhodochrotism does not give way to pink glitter. In many countries this stone is a symbol of love, life energy, passion, life, and thirst for knowledge. In the Eastern peoples rhodochrosite jewelery is used as an amulet to attract a partner. It is believed to help to establish harmony in life and family happiness. Contemporary magicians use the stone to make amulets bearing success, recognition, happiness.

Here were samples of different shapes. For example, it attracts the interest of carbonate in the form of a rock rose. One of the most impressive stones is the crystal clear mountain crystals. Here were specimens with a large structure that are most sought after by connoisseurs and have the highest value.

For years it has been practice for collectors to connect with miners who have supplied them directly from mines of untreated minerals of a similar structure. Their prices are high, they are not negotiated. Some of these Rhodope treasures are going to private collections around the world – the United States, France, the Czech Republic, England and others.

All visitors to the museum remain fascinated by the beauty of the riches hidden in the rocks of the Rhodes.

If you choose to buy a pearl or ring pear, their prices here are much lower than in other stores. On site you will be able to refer to the healing properties of the selected stone. And the beautiful minerals are a wonderful gift and a memory of the mountain of Orpheus.



Автор: Liliya Lozanova

April 14, 2011