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Klisura, is a southern Bulgaria town, very alert and intelligent. The town is nestled in the mountainous area between Sredna gora and Stara Planina, about 100 km away from Sofia. Due to its location at the most busy point between the two mountains the breast is called Klisura because. Located in the municipality of Karlovo, Plovdiv region, near the town of Koprivshtitsa.

Klisura and the nearby town of Koprivshtitsa developed as agricultural and craft towns. Panayot Volov and Georgi Rakovski organize the first revolutionary committee here. Here is a 7-day heroic battle of the Kamena Klisura from the position of Zli Dol.

There is also a monument of the Borimechka in 1976, in honor of the 100th anniversary of the April Uprising.


History of the town of Klisura

In Bulgarian history, the town of Klisura is mainly connected with the April Uprising in 1876. the revolutionary Klisura, Nikola Karadjov, personally brings the “bloody letter” of Todor Kableshkov to the city, which announces the beginning of the April Uprising.

The Zli Dol is a cultural monument. During the April Uprising there was the most important defensive position of the Klisura insurgents. This place was the Klisura cherry artillery. Two granite rocks with bronze plates today mark the place where the rebel headquarters and the place where the first cherry boulder was in. Nowadays, as silent guards in memory of the dead, the cherry blossoms are reminiscent of the feats of the heroes. The mass has kept the memories of one of the most terrible battles of the uprising that the city loses in unequal battle against the cruel conqueror and is totally burned. The fewer Bulgarian-defenders do not withhold the attacks of the Turks. More than 200 villagers who fail to escape are brutally slaughtered. The victims are mostly women, children and old men. Klisurists retreat to a neighborhood in the neighborhood, revolts perish, and the rest with the population retreat to Koprivshtitsa. P. Volov appears with a detachment of Koprivshtitsi. He collects retreating Klisura warriors and attacks the Turkish Horde in the rear. But the heavy rain wet the gunpowder gunpowder and their rifles can not shoot. Panayot Volov was forced to retreat to Koprivshtitza.

The monument in the area of ​​Zli Dol was erected in 1961 on the occasion of the 85th anniversary of the April uprising, not only celebrating all the Klisura heroes but also all the other Bulgarians who had become immoral through their case, The April Uprising. The author of this monument is the architect Vasil Beyazov. Every May 1 in the town of Klisura is celebrated the anniversary of the outbreak of the April uprising. The program includes a solemn concert-firework and a play of the battle at Zli Dol.

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April 17, 2019