In the southern part of the Eastern Rhodopes is situated Momchilgrad. It is part of Kardzhali Province and is situated between Kardzali and Dzebel.

Given the need to introduce them in the history of the Member States and the Member States under consideration. The local population is  Turkish. In the 18th – 19th centuries many Bulgarians settled.

Main sights in Momchilgrad

One of the most significant archaeological sights of the region is Tatul – a rock-cult complex called by the local population of Kayabashi (“the big rock”). Tatul is a prehistoric cult site on whose territory one of the most puzzling megalithic monuments on the territory of Bulgaria is located – a pyramid-shaped sarcophagus that has no analogue among the numerous megalithic monuments registered by archaeologists on the territory of Bulgaria and the world. This is the best preserved temple complex cut into a monolithic rock scale.

Funeral laying is not typical of Thracian tombs, but above.

In the 1980s, Prof. Ivan Venedikov expressed the hypothesis that the hill near the village of Tatul served as a sanctuary dedicated to Orpheus. According to Conon and Pavzani, the remains of the legendary Thracian priest Orpheus were put in a urn and laid on a rock. The intention was, after his death, to remain an intermediary between the gods and the people. Bones should be hidden from the sun at the same time, but also from the sun. This is the idea of ​​the anthropodeman or the demigod – king who, after his death, gradually becomes a deity. According to Venedikov, a funeral ritual was performed on the hill to Tatul, which is quite different from the known burial practices of the ancient Thracians, which saw the burial of the dead rulers under mound embankments.


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