Tryavna and Bozhentsi

· Renaissance is the time when Tryavna emerged as an economic and cultural center. A number of crafts such as carving and icon painting are being developed. ·


The town is a birthplace of celebrities such as Petko and Pencho Slaveykovi, Angel Kanchev. It is part of the 100 National Tourist Sites.

If you want to explore the sights in Tryavna, you have to go around it all because they are everywhere.


As soon as you enter the city you will have a special Bulgarian feeling. Here the Bulgarian speaks in us. It hides patriotism and pride. Our heart is warmed by so much coziness and peace.

Going down the small streets of Tryavna, our eyes are stopped by the masterpieces of art school, which peep from every corner. This environment absorbs you completely and takes you to the past.

The pride of Tryavna is the houses – museums. You can not visit Raikova and Daskalovo houses – museums, the church “St. Archangel Michael “, house – Pencho and Petko Slaveikovi Museum. However unbelievable it may sound, in this little town you can also visit the Museum of Asian and African Art, rest in the beautiful greenery of the garden in front of the museum while listening to the gentle rumbling of the fountain in it.

There is no way to pass the famous clock tower of the city, often mentioned by Slaveikov as the pride of tramps. Next to it is the building of the old school, which was transformed into a Museum of the Tryavna carving school.

And although the last few years, Tryavna has changed, the houses still have their authentic look. And nature is remarkable.

If this is not enough, however, you should know that there are many other pleasant places for walking and relaxing around. Nature is incredible.

Even at the exit of Tryavna you can be grazed with gingerbread and grubs.

About 18 – 20 km away from the town are the Dryanovo Monastery, the Sokolski Monastery and the Bacho Kiro Cave. At the bottom of the same distance is also the spa resort Voneshta voda.


Twenty kilometers from Tryavna is the architectural and historical reserve Bozhentsi. It has more than six hundred years of history. The legend tells us that it was founded by the Bolivarian Bozhana. She escaped from Veliko Turnovo when she was captured and settled in this beautiful place bearing her name.

The village is visited by thousands of tourists. It can be seen the house museum “Baba Rayna”, the church “St. The Prophet Elijah, the house-Doncho Popa Museum and many other beautiful buildings, cobblestone small streets, stone fountains and bridges.

You feel like you are in a museum and you can touch and see everything. In Bozhentsi it seemed as if time had stopped. There is no dynamics of the big city, no noise. There is complete peace.

The tourist can sit in one of the taverns and enjoy the traditional Bulgarian cuisine. You must also try the unique white jam.

A marked hiking trail starts from the village, where you can reach Tryavna in about two hours and admire the incredible scenery. Otherwise, by car there is no direct route, it passes through Gabrovo and the distance is about 40 km.

And these are just some of the remarkable places in this part of Bulgaria that are worth seeing.

If you visit these Bulgarian Renaissance settlements, you are transported to a different world from which it is difficult to break away. He wants to stay there to be near some glorious times for Bulgaria.

Autor: Elena Georgieva