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The origins of place names

· Every name of every place, which we so often use without thinking, has its own long history, of battles and discoveries. Sometimes we forget that the present is the result of millions of people from the past who dedicated their lives to make possible the world that we see today. ·

THE ALPS The huge snowy peaks inspired the Gauls and Romans to call them by the Celtic word alb, or the Latin word albus, both meaning white. THE AMAZON Since the ancient Greeks, explorers have searched for Amazon tribes and legendary female warriors. During Francisco de Orellana’s exploration of the Andes in the 16th Century,…

Little paradises

· Think about the most wonderful place on the face of the earth you have ever imagined. A place where you can forget everything and just be you...That place does exist! Welcome to paradise. ·

KIVOTOS CLUB HOTEL (GREECE) This unique hotel, with its tasteful architecture, was respectfully built according to Mykonos’ surroundings and traditions. Placed in the beautiful bay of Ornos, 10 minutes far from the capital of the island, its forty rooms and suites have been individually decorated by well-known artists and interior designers. Five swimming pools, private beach for water sports, fitness and beauty club, squash-courts……

The Genchev ostrichs dance every morning

· The Bai Marin and Ostrous Guest House offers a meeting with exotic birds in the middle of the Balkan Balkan. ·

If you are a supporter of ecotourism, you should not miss this attraction! The dance of the two ostrich Slavka and Brizko in the village of Genchovtsi near Tryavna is something unforgettable for the tourists. Huge birds are carried in the wake of a bird waltz every morning at dawn. In July is their love…