Unique archaeological discovery: Roman baths in Vidin – the invisible seven-story block


During archaeological excavations in Vidin, a team of scientists discovered unique Roman baths, the height of which is comparable to that of a modern seven-story building. This discovery highlights the cultural and historical heritage of Vidin and confirms its importance as a key point in the Roman Empire.

The building, which was buried for centuries underground, rises to the incredible height of a seven-story block – an indicator of the engineering achievements of the Roman era.

Size and architecture

The dimensions of the outdoor bath are impressive – it stretches over 20 acres and rises to a height of about 23 meters. It was built on three levels, each of which was different from the previous one, and included different rooms for bathing and recreation.

Historical significance

This hitherto unseen structure underlines the historical importance of Vidin. In the past, the city was a key commercial and military center in the Roman Empire, and the discovery of this massive bathhouse supports this idea.

Importance to the scientific community

The discovery of these Roman baths is significant for archeology and the scientific community in general. It gives us an opportunity to understand more about the life, architecture and technology of the Romans.

Future plans

Despite the difficulties ahead, scientists have ambitions to continue research on this unique place. Further archaeological excavations are planned to uncover more details about this great Roman bath and its history.

Public perception

The public reaction to the opening of the Roman baths under Vidin has been extremely positive. This moment brings not only excitement, but also pride for the Bulgarian cultural heritage and history. Sharing the news through social media and traditional media channels is proof of that.

Possibility of tourism

This discovery offers huge potential for the development of tourism in the region. Archaeologists and the local administration are already discussing the possibilities of turning the site into a tourist attraction, which would contribute to Vidin’s economic growth.

The incredible archaeological discovery under Vidin highlights the rich history of this region. The Roman baths open new pages of the city’s history and give us the opportunity to understand more about the complex architecture and technology of the Roman era. This discovery not only enriches scientific knowledge, but also opens up new opportunities for tourism and the economic development of Vidin.