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In the “kingdom” of the crystals in Madan

Crystals are known to concentrate with energy and dance with light. We no longer tolerate the fact that they have healing properties. So falling into a place where hundreds of crystal glasses shine in glass displays is an unforgettable experience. This “kingdom” of glittering stones is found in the Crystal Museum in Madan. It is…

Take a look at the legends of the Rhodope Mountains from Perelik peak

· Yanko Petlekov builds chapels and sings sad songs for shepherds ·

Yanko Petlekov from the Rhodope village of Shiroka Luka for 17 years managed the Perelik hut under the mountain leader. He is 38 years old, but all his life he views the beauty of mountain meadows and forests. He knows the area as a palm. Because he meets daily ruins of churches, ancient fortresses, remains…

A walk in the underground galleries of the Golubovitsa cave

· Wherever you are in the Rhodope Mountains, they chase the legend of Orpheus and Eurydice as a shadow. ·

Looking at the green peaks and the colorful meadows, as if listening to the harp that forever loves love. According to tradition, the great singer entered a cave in Hades’s underground estates to seek his beloved. He dazzled the boatman to take him across the River Styx to the kingdom of the shadows. But when…