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Stara Zagora – A paradise for travelers

Everyone has a city of dreams with singing birds, with sincere people. I had you, linden city – blue, distant Stara Zagora! – Stoycho Stoichev Keep your senses prepared, because here you will find something wonderful at every corner. Welcome to one of the most ancient cities in Europe – Beroe, Augusta Trayana, Irinopoly, Boruy,…

Dolna Kula village

Dolna Kula is a village located in southern Bulgaria near Krumovgrad. The village is located in an area with mountainous relief at an altitude of about 260 m. It falls in the transitional continental climate zone. The winter is relatively mild and the summer is long and hot. The Krumovitsa River passes near the village….

Krumovgrad – The Rhodopean Klondike

Krumovgrad is a small town in the Eastern Rhodopes. They call it ¨the Rhodopean Klondike¨ because of the gold mine in the city. Krumovgrad is the third largest in the district after Kardzhali and Momchilgrad. The town was named after the Bulgarian Khan Krum. Until 1934, the name of Krumovgrad was Koshu kawak, which comes…

Endemic plants of Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s diverse nature defines the vast wealth of plant and animal species that inhabit the relatively small territory of the country. In Bulgaria there are over 3500 species of plants, most of them can not be seen anywhere else in the world. Unique plants of Bulgaria Plant and animal species that occur only in a…