Stara Zagora – A paradise for travelers


Everyone has
a city of dreams
with singing birds,
with sincere people.
I had you,
linden city –
blue, distant
Stara Zagora!

– Stoycho Stoichev

Keep your senses prepared, because here you will find something wonderful at every corner. Welcome to one of the most ancient cities in Europe – Beroe, Augusta Trayana, Irinopoly, Boruy, Vereya, Eski Zagra, Zheleznik or as it is known to everyone today – Stara Zagora.

Also known as the city of poets, painters, linden and straight streets, Stara Zagora is a wonderful harmony of ancient culture, rich history and picturesque nature.

The numerous names of the town, the archeological finds from Thracian and Roman times and the countless monuments testify to its longevity.

Centrally located in the picturesque Sredna Gora Mountain and the fertile Upper Thracian Plain, Stara Zagora has important natural, geographical and economic significance for the region and the country.

The city was burned and destroyed many times. After the Liberation, it began to rebuild according to a plan from the Hippodamus System, in which the streets are straight, oriented in the directions of the world and intersecting at right angles. The plan was designed by Czech architect Lubor Bayer. On October 5, 1879, the main stone was laid for the restoration of Stara Zagora after the devastation of the city during the Russo-Turkish War of Liberation. Thus, this date remains in the history of Stara Zagora and begins to be celebrated as an official holiday of the city.

The sights of Stara Zagora

The main visit sites are located near the center of Stara Zagora. One of them is the ancient forum “Augusta Trayana”, which is located not far from the Court. This magnetic place manages to bring you back for a walk through our remarkable and glorious past.

The Geo Milev Drama Theater is one of the oldest and most prestigious theater institutions in Bulgaria, whose building impresses with impressive architecture.

The first opera in Bulgaria outside the capital is the State Opera in Stara Zagora. For many years the city had no opera since it had been burned.

One of the emblems of the city is Ayazmoto Park – it houses the Stara Zagora Zoo, which is the largest area in Bulgaria, and the Botanical Garden.

Over a large area, the park is captivated by the variety of exotic trees and shrubs collected from around the world. Before being transformed into a forest park by Metropolitan Metodiy Kusev, a bare rocky and waterless barrier was erected here.

The Regional History Museum in Stara Zagora is a place that will recreate much of the city’s rich and ancient history.

Stara Zagora is a hospitable and beautiful city that leaves lasting and incredible memories in your mind. A city where the journey goes on endlessly.

You fall in love! Yes! At the center of the universe! In Stara Zagora!