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Sofia Zoo

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  • January 3, 2021
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The oldest and largest zoo on the Balkan Peninsula is located in Sofia. It was discovered in the early 1888s in the park of the former royal palace in the capital. The beginning of the collection is given by a black vulture (card) presented to King Ferdinand. Due to the great interest of the king…


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  • January 3, 2021

Ivaylovgrad Dam and the meanders of the Arda River impress everyone who has passed through this magical region of the Eastern Rhodopes. The beautiful river, winding its clear waters between the steep banks, forming at the bends strips of white oval stones, provides perfect conditions for kayaking. Every year the Republican canoe-kayak regatta is held…

The Reptiles in Bulgaria

More than 30 species of Reptiles occur on the territory of Bulgaria, becoming the second most diverse class in Bulgaria after amphibians. There are medium-sized turtles of two families – Testudo hermanni and Testudo graeca; 16 species of snakes and 13 species of lizards. The largest diversity of reptiles is recorded in the southernmost part…

Endemic plants of Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s diverse nature defines the vast wealth of plant and animal species that inhabit the relatively small territory of the country. In Bulgaria there are over 3500 species of plants, most of them can not be seen anywhere else in the world. Unique plants of Bulgaria Plant and animal species that occur only in a…

Тhe names of Bulgarian vascular plant

Vascular plants form a large group of plants hat are defined as those land plants that have lignified tissues for conducting water and minerals throughout the plant. The flora in Bulgaria is very diverse. There are approximately 3,700 higher plant species on the territory of the country. 0001 Pinaceae Abies alba 0002 Pinaceae Abies borisi-regis…