Ivaylovgrad Dam and the meanders of the Arda River impress everyone who has passed through this magical region of the Eastern Rhodopes. The beautiful river, winding its clear waters between the steep banks, forming at the bends strips of white oval stones, provides perfect conditions for kayaking. Every year the Republican canoe-kayak regatta is held there.

Ivaylovgrad Dam was built in 1964 and has 64 km of coastline, much of which is covered with deciduous forests. The dam is suitable for fishing because its waters are rich in fish – carp, catfish, perch, mullet and others.

The dam was built in 1964. According to a preliminary plan, the dam was supposed to have a wall 105 m high and then it would be the largest on the Balkan Peninsula, but in this case it would flood the mines near Madzharovo, which are currently out of order. Today the wall of the dam is 71 m high, and the dam is the longest in Bulgaria – 30 km. Its area is 15 km².


The deaf stones

The Deaf Stones rock complex is one of those mysterious and mysterious places that have kept the traces of both the Thracian presence and Christianity.

The Thracian sanctuary is located about 10 km from the dam just before the village of Malko Gradishte. It is a complex of four huge rock blocks with a variety of shapes carved in them – it is assumed that they were used as urn storage by the ancient Thracians. At the bottom of the carved are two tombs. Stairs are carved on the same rock to climb on top of it. From there the panoramic view is beautiful. In the distance the waters of Ivaylovgrad dam shine. Because the place was considered special, at a later stage in history, a church was built there.

The name of the place deaf stones is due to the fact that there is no echo between them.



January 3, 2021