Bachkovo Monastery


Bachkovo Monastery is the second largest in Bulgaria after Rila Monastery. It was founded by two Georgian brothers Grigori and Abasii Bakuriani. It was originally raised as Georgian Monastery and there were Georgian monks until the Turks came. Built in 1083. The only preserved building from the 11th century is the Kostnica church. There are the portraits of the Bakuriani brothers and the picture of the Last Judgment.

Bachkovo Monastery complex

There is also a building from 12 century – the Church of St. Archangels painted by Zachary Zograf. According to the legend, under one of the columns is buried Patriarch Evtimii. The ossuary of the Bachkovo Monastery was painted in 1084 and has no analogue in the world.

In the south wing of the monastery is located the mill of 1601. There are murals in it – the family tree of Jesus Christ and ancient philosophers. There is the Virgin Mary Akathist (praise of the Holy Virgin).

The wall painting “Panorama of Bachkovo Monastery” is located on the outside the mill.

St. Nicholas Church was built in 1836 and painted by Zachary Zograf. In the open courtyard is the scene of the Last Judgment. There is also a self-portrait of Zahari Zograf and a signature in Bulgarian and Greek.

Blessed Virgin Mary icon

The greatest shrine of the Bachkovo Monastery is its icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is kept in a special place in the cathedral monastery temple and because of its miraculous work, is the object of worship by a continuous stream of believers. According to some accounts, the icon “flew” from a Georgian monastery and “landed” in the Kluviyata area near Bachkovo. There was a fire at the landing. Two shepherds, a brother and a sister, saw the flames for three nights and came to see what this wonderful fire was like. They announced at the monastery and the monks with lithium took her to the church of St. Our Lady. ” They put it on the iconostasis. On several occasions, the icon “ran” to the Cluviya and the brothers brought her back to the monastery. see who with what heart enters the house of God, and every year on the second day of Easter they “take” her to her old place. Easter with lithium takes her to the Cluvium, where they serve a prayer service. The icon is covered with silver fittings, has inscriptions in Georgian and dates from 14 century.


December 8, 2019