Chernichevo village


Chernichevo (Bulgarian: Черничево) is an old Bulgarian village situated in the Eastern part of Rhodope Mountains. Its original Bulgarian name is “Dunyata” (Bulgarian: Дунята). It lies on a region with an ancient history and rich past. Near the settlement there are seven dolmens from the time of the Thracians and ruins of a medieval fortress and a monastery.

The Bulgarians inhabited the area since 7th century CE. The Bulgarian population of the Rhodopes is a mixture of Thracians, Slavs and Bulgars.

During the Middle Ages the Rhodopes were a battlefield for many wars for influence in the Balkans. In these wars the local Bulgarian population supported the army of Bulgaria.

In the area of Hambarderes in the village of Chernichevo there are preserved Thracian dolmens. The necropolis in the southern Rhodopes is believed to have been built at the end of the first and second epochs of the early-eighteenth epoch (about 1000 years). BC / RTI & gt;

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Abandoned shop on the square. In this building was the town hall of Chernichevo.

This half-demolished house of many years ago was the home of the priest’s family. To the right of the house you can see the well-preserved fence of St. Athanasius church

The old school

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