Pishurka village


Pishurka is a village in northwestern Bulgaria. It is located in Medkovets municipality, Montana region.

Pisurka is a small roadside village along the old main road to the port of the Danube, the town of Lom. Known to the famous poet and folk-minded Krustyo Pushurka. It was created by settlers from Bosilegrad, present-day Serbia and from the Banat region. It includes refugee settlers from other parts of the former Yugoslavia, Romania, Hungary and others. The inhabitants of the village are engaged in farming and animal husbandry. Nowadays there are mostly elderly people in the settlement.

There is a large community center and cinema hall in Pushurka.

Cultural and natural landmarks

  • Close to the village is a spring with healing water.
  • There are pieces of pottery in the field. During the copper-stone age there was an ancient settlement.