Seaside in Bulgaria in September


Summer is already in full swing and everybody starts tightening luggage for the sea. And if he has not started, at least he already makes plans and looks for different offers for a trip or a holiday at sea. The debates on “Where to rest in the sea in Greece, Turkey or Bulgaria?” Have already been heated and all media channels are flooded with information about this, and I will offer you a different and, in my opinion, a better option.

Seaside in Bulgaria in September. First, I will answer your question “Why in Bulgaria?” – Here the choice is very big and one knows most of the coastal towns – Nessebar, Primorsko, Pomorie, Kiten, Sunny Beach, Sozopol … We have the opportunity to go there , which we know and where we can easily understand everyone without having foreign language difficulties, and secondly, “Why September?” – I personally admire to go to sea in Bulgaria in September and the reasons for this are the following – it is not so hot, there are not so many people on the beaches and resorts, the prices are more favorable, the sea is warmer. And when the weather is cooler, one can go and explore some interesting places, not just lie all day on the beach. There are three options for walking.

Explore the resort

The first is a walk in the resort you are in. I do not recommend this to you, and you should do it the first few evenings and then ask yourself what new and interesting place I can see. However, if you want to get more dirt and less to move, this is not a bad option.

Enjoy the big cities

The second is if you the big city, you like to have more people around you and in the urban environment you feel at home. Just relax near the two big sea towns – Varna and Burgas, or why not inside them. Besides large beaches, they also have many entertainment venues. If you are in Varna do not miss to visit the Dolphinarium and the Botanical Garden. And in Burgas from the beginning of July begins the annual Sand Festival, which is worth visiting, and of course, fans of techno music are playing the Spirite of Burgas Festival in August.

Relax in the nature

The third option and my favorite is a holiday at sea combined with nature walks, and the Bulgarian sea is full of suitable places. We can start with a boat trip along Ropotamo and Veleka and continue with a visit to Shabla and Kaliakra. Do not forget the Beglik Tash Rock Sanctuary and Arkutino Lagoon Lagoon. These are places, where one can get loaded with energy and get to know the nature of Bulgaria better.

After so many arguments for you remains the choice where you want to rest in the sea in September. Of course you can always look for a holiday or sea holiday offer in Bulgaria that offers not only accommodation and meals but also different entertainment and sightseeing.